Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Architecture Review and Project Delivery

Hyper Talent Solutions provides Buyers with OCI architecture review and delivery oversight, we ensure your cloud infrastructure is built with OCI architectural best practices and operating reliable, secure, efficient, and cost-effective systems in the cloud, end of our review will provide tangible implementable improvements which will improve workloads performance and cost


  • Ensure customer infrastructure build with OCI Architecture principals            
  • Ensure you're are following Oracle best practices architecturally
  • Review customer OCI Cloud security
  • Review customer OCI Network and connectivity security
  • Review customer OCI Cloud reliability and resiliency
  • Review customer OCI Cloud Performance Efficiency
  • Review customer OCI Cloud spend and Cost Optimization
  • Review customer OCI Cloud Operational Excellence
  • Review customer OCI Project plan and highlight any Risk, Dependency
  • Provide/support to assign an experienced OCI delivery manager


  • Recommendations to Improve your workload efficiency
  • Cost saving in many aspects of OCI cloud
  • Increased and improved workloads security
  • Recommend for quick ways recover from failure
  • Ensure workloads are optimized for performance
  • Ensure You’re managing operations as efficiency as possible
  • Improved system monitoring to deliver business value, processes and procedures
  • Provide expertise to support the successful OCI project delivery