Development of Enterprise Web and Mobile Apps

Today’s government is expected to be transparent and deliver a range of services across multiple digital channels. Hyper Talent Solutions can create Apps for desktop and mobile devices that are tailored to the particular requirements of a business and user group, and support transition to Cloud services.


  • Mock-up and prototyping can help increase confidence in design/technology
  • Capable of specific platform or cross platform development
  • Access to varied development options for cost optimisation
  • Integration to Cloud and on premise data sources


  • Can help provide Apps specific to the worker’s tasks
  • Can help enable user experience optimising the business process
  • Can help provide access to enterprise information
  • Can help reduce workers’ amount of travel
  • Can enable customers to reduce carbon footprint through reduced travel
  • Can help enable improved communication and collaboration
  • Can help improve quality of service through information access
  • Can help reduce cost to serve a customer or worker