Big Data Management & User Adoption Service

Training and cultural awareness in both data management fundamentals, execution processes and tools to support Big Data Management, Data Profiling and Data Stewardship workflow, including technical implementation.


  • Classroom Training
  • User Manuals to encourage self development
  • Tutorials for improvement of hands experience
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Online services for round the clock support
  • Big Data Management solution experience
  • Big Data Best Practices knowledge
  • Integration experience with a range of technologies
  • Hadoop user experience
  • Range of Use Cases to draw experience


  • Improve Scalability of Resources
  • Gain Greater Access to Talent
  • Improve technical ability within the organisation
  • Mitigate Risk
  • Gain External Perspectives
  • Efficiency in identifying common difficulties
  • Improved development methodologies
  • Faster time to develop cross platform
  • Efficient training in Hadoop platform
  • Depth of knowledge in industry practices