AI Chatbot Design and Delivery (MVP)

Hyper Talent Solutions builds an iterative minimum viable product using the agile methodology and customer testing. We deploy a proven and tested chatbot solution on the organisation's chosen infrastructure (public cloud/private cloud) and refine the roadmap. We drive change management and customer adoption.


  • Writing of chatbot conversational flows
  • Building of chatbot ontologies
  • Curation of training data
  • Training and evaluation of the chatbot
  • Definition of integrations e.g. data systems and user channels
  • Design of performance monitoring
  • End to end and user acceptance testing
  • Deployment of chatbot onto the cloud
  • Chatbot run including monitoring and retraining


  • Provides a controlled incremental delivery of chatbots
  • Sustained delivery of benefits
  • Monitors the success of the solution
  • Solution flexibility to change to meet new business demands
  • Delivers a platform that can be run self-sufficiently
  • Experience across strategy, PoC, vendor selection and scale production deployment