Cabinet Office

Cabinet Office

We have assisted the Cabinet Office to put together Cloud Strategy, Cloud Adoption Lifecycle and Roadmap, Cloud Adoption Lifecycle which included, and not limited to, the following:

Cloud Pilot / POC; Cloud Mobilization and Transition; Cloud Modelling and architecture; Governance and Security with NCSC;  Cloud implementation and planning; Cloud integration with MuleSoft; Cloud collaboration and Cloud maturity (Cloud steady state); System API; Process API, and Experience API driven cloud adaption.

SOP (Single Operating Platform) is the largest Oracle implementation in the Europe. We were privileged to put together the following cloud re-hosting proposals:

  • SOP Re-hosting proposal on to AWS Cloud
    SOP Re-hosting on to OCI Cloud

Benefits achieved:

  • SOP Re-hosting proposal on to AWS Cloud demonstrated £2 million savings
  • SOP Re-hosting on to OCI Cloud proposal approved with estimated £3.5 million savings
  • Future proofing Legacy SOP and enabling of Cloud adaption
  • Enabled application integration, automation, continue improvement and continue deployment.